Posted by: Sam Olsen | July 17, 2011

Selling and defrauding

Right, we’re almost there in the decluttering department. It feels a bit like we’re in a hot air balloon heading towards an eastern cliff and we desperately need to throw dear possessions out of the basket to soar. Whilst dressed as Oriental explorers.

East Finchley’s Freecycle group has probably never been busier. We’re almost professionals on Ebay now. Amazon marketplace frantic (still books and DVDs available – X Files Series 2 box set anyone?). Gumtree tried and failed.

The most important items though are sorted, almost. The house is rented out to a lovely family from Highgate who will no doubt look after the house well.

It looks like we have also found a buyer for the car, despite all the horrors. Autotrader appears to be perused by Nigerian fraudsters – I had emails on subsequent days sent at 0440h from two different people trying to buy the car. The first, a woman called “Sarah” claimed to be an Oceanographer who needed a car for her son, but because she was at sea she would have to send someone to pick up the car. Then she would send the money. Through Paypal. The next day “Richard” emailed. He was a marine engineer, again at sea but this time buying it for himself. All the other details were the same. How stupid do they think I am? Just a quick search on Google reveals the same scam over and over again. Anyway, a nice Kiwi bloke has agreed to buy the car. Let’s hope he is not in cahoots.

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