Posted by: Sam Olsen | July 18, 2011

Actually, why are we going?

Just thought that we haven’t explained why on earth we are up-sticking and going East (in the exact opposite direction to that recommended by the Village People/Pet Shop Boys). Whence the desire to move to Hong Kong for 3-5 years? There are quite a few reasons, and here they are in no particular order:

  1. It is good for Aggie’s career, given that her employer does a lot of its business in Asia.
  2. It will fun to be in Asia, and a very good experience to be in the fastest growing continent, full of vibrancy and with an exciting future. The UK is rather depressing at the moment.
  3. It will be good for Lawrence to have experience of growing up abroad. He will also be learning Mandarin so will be giving him a head start for the future.
I suppose there are other reasons too but these are the main ones. In essence, Aggie was given the opportunity and we are going to take it. We are sad about leaving our friends and family behind, but these feelings are somewhat dissipated by modern technology. Skype means the grandparents will be able to catch up with Lawrence on a regular basis, and we will no doubt fly back quite regularly for the odd British holiday.
We are excited to be going. But leaving these shores will not be so easy.

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