Posted by: Sam Olsen | July 25, 2011

Movers: Day 1 down

The house is slowly emptying thanks to Ashley, “Mr Study” and “Mr Bedroom” of Crown Relocations (will someone pay me for mentioning their name?). Something very satisfying about seeing ones possessions all loaded safely into the van. Fortunately they didn’t bring the 40ft container down dear Beresford Road. 

Sam has been at the cricket and Lawrence at the childminder’s. I just went to North Finchley to have a row in the O2 shop. Goodness, this blog really is fascinating isn’t it? Am new to this so apologies for the tedium. Will spice it up tomorrow. Except I can’t as I gave all my spices to Reema of Freecycle…



  1. oooooooo!!!!!!! I always like to live vicariously through others Petch…….

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