Posted by: Sam Olsen | July 30, 2011

Efficiency and Escalator

After a disturbed night, we rose late, consumed our free breakfast here at Central 88, and made our way to Wan Chai via taxi, where we reported in at the HK Immigration Department. What order and efficiency! (I can see I am going to become a total Daily Mail-reader-type while out here). We joined one queue, where not only could the chap behind the desk speak English perfectly, he helped us fill in the last bit of the form and then smiled and sent us on our way. Another couple of brief queues and we were done, temporary ID cards issued. Interesting to note, in the midst of all this queuing, we heard that the HK-ers think the mainland Chinese terribly poor quality because they “don’t know how to queue”. Quite. 

This afternoon we went out with lovely Rita to go flat-hunting. We saw a really good variety, mainly over in Pokfulam and a couple in Mid-levels. Amazingly, Sam and I agreed on our favourites. More to see on Monday but hopefully this part of the process will be arranged quickly and painlessly. 

Discovered this evening that our apartment sits right at the bottom of the Mid-levels escalator. For those unfamiliar with HK, this is simply a great idea. Take one very very hilly city, that is equally hot and humid for large parts of the year, which thus makes walking up hill rather unpleasant: The solution? Put a whopping great escalator up the side of the city. One travels up at a sedate pace, able to look down and spot bars and restaurants beneath. Ukrainian food anyone? Hop off at the next opportunity and there it is… Genius! 

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