Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 4, 2011

Who are you?

One of us is missing CSI dreadfully, and it’s not Larry. (Yesterday out of desperation we watched Kung Fu Panda in Chinese, which was an improvement on the original I can tell you.) So as a tribute to the theme tune, and to The Who in general, we have added a new page (see “Who are you, kind reader?” above where you are reading now). We would love to know who can be bothered to read our mumblings, but also what you want us to blog about. It’s nice to hear that many of you are reading us over your breakfast, but what would best accompany the cornflakes? Please leave a comment…





  1. Sitting in my study just after 900 am contemplating torrential rain (actually quite welcome as it might save the letti) and summoning up the energy to write a prison incident report (BEM here I come!)…glad to hear Lawrence has taken to China like a duck to water if that’s the right phrase…lots of love

  2. So enjoying the blog! Never read one before, don’t do twitter, Facebook etc but on maternity leave so have a bit of time on my hands.
    Most interesting to hear of the realities of upping sticks to unchartered waters. Have you seen An Idiot Abroad? Perhaps you could continue in that vein to keep us in Blighty entertained! Xx

    • As we have our fair share of idiocy it won’t be a problem… excellent programme, especially in China. Hope all well xx

  3. I’m reading it! Mostly when up feeding Stanley at unsociable hours, but loving hearing your news. Would love photos too… X

  4. I’m reading too. Mainly on the train home or when there’s a moments piece at home! Am just fascinated by how you’re getting on xx

    • Glad you like it – it’s good fun writing it tooxx

  5. I just read the whole blog tonight! It’s really very good! Am enjoying the different writing styles and Anna I can picture you saying every word! I will be in London for 9 weeks for work starting Sept 1, of course will miss you not being there xo Laura

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