Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 6, 2011

Shotguns and Sincere update

Until Handover in 1997, the bulk of the British Army here in HK were Gurkhas. Although they have ceased to be part of the defence of the colony or SAR, many Nepalese are still here defending banks/shops/housing as security guards. They are certainly well respected, and they always look smart and are incredibly polite.

This morning, on our way out to see some friends, the lift stopped and in walked to Nepalese cash delivery guards. One carried the cash box, the other a well-thumbed pump action shotgun; they both said hello to us. Now there are not many guides on what to say to a man holding a shotgun in a lift, and certainly no precedent in our previous experiences. So we settled on the cursory “Hello. Been busy today?”. If this had been directed to the cash box man, then perhaps it could have been a normal run of the mill question. But addressing it to the weapon-wielding support does seem, in retrosepct, a little fatuous: despite the worn appearence of the gun, it is probable to suggest he hadn’t been dropping crooks at 20 yards all morning. Although theoretically possible, because he did look a touch sweaty.

Lift incident avoided, we headed out via a quick stop at our old friend SIncere Department Store. My quest for some new shoes was slightly inhibited by there being only one size available of all the footwear I liked the look of. And not the same size, you understand, but a seemingly random selection. S0 we moved onto the shirt department. To say I was disappointed in the selection doesn’t come close – and this coming from someone who hardly has the best dress sense. See for yourself in the attached photo, which was taken in the “European Clothing” section. Nice. Not even the worst dress Chinese man would buy these.







And of course, there was the obligatory “non-official brand” to put it politely. Notice any difference?





  1. OK so which one did you buy???

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