Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 7, 2011

Ticking off the to-do list

It is Sunday lunchtime where you are, most of you, anyway, and a quiet Sunday evening here. We were lent a CSI box set by some new friends but daren’t put the telly on till Lawrence is deeply asleep. Thai takeaway for dinner. Glass of cheap red wine in hand. Well, not in my hand as otherwise I would not be typing at this secretary-worthy rate.  Will let Sam generate one of his factual/historic/interesting posts shortly. For now, this one is a general update on the administrative front… namely:

HOUSE-HUNTING: flat identified. Despite a wobble from me earlier about a lack of greenery, we are going to put in a rental offer for a flat tomorrow, up on Conduit Road in Mid-levels. Just at the very top of afore-mentioned escalator.   Assuming the landlord is prepared to negotiate a little, we should move in at the beginning of September. Fortunately this one has a spare room large enough to accommodate a bed unlike those in Bel-Air, Cyberport. Visitors welcome. (There is also a pool and short walk to the zoo!). 

HELPER-HIRING: I popped along to the Josie James agency today to complete the paperwork. (Not sure if we mentioned previously but we ended up going with this agency rather than the worryingly-named Asian Charm with dedicated staff member “Baby”. Yikes.) Our lady should be ready for us in about 4 weeks. Bring it on. Sam is leaving old socks and damp towels around the place in practice for her arrival.

FRIEND-FINDING: It is amazing what help a little friend is in finding larger friends. Next Saturday we have agreed to go for a walk in the elusive Greenery with a nice couple we met at Gymboree today.  Yesterday a lady in the mall with a similar-aged boy just handed over her phone number without any ado and has since been texting with offers of help – delightful! 

However, our social life is a far cry from that of other ex-pats. As we walked out for breakfast today at about 9am we saw a couple of lads staggering BACK INTO a nightclub. Cripes. Those days are long gone. Although as many of you can attest, for me they never occurred at all. 

This evening I set out for a bit of “me time”, to experience the wonder that is a public swimming pool, built only 2 months ago, 50 metres, and the whopping sum of £1.50 a swim. When I arrived I was turned away, nothing to do with inappropriate swimwear or refusing to shower before entering the water, but this evening it was FREE! Which meant totally over-run by middle class HK families. Kids and all at 7pm. Amazing what people will do for a free swim. So, I had a beer instead as I waited for the takeaway.

 Final note, if you would like us to skype you please send us your contact details and we will be in touch.


ps here’s a little photo of the boys at supper the other night






  1. Exciting news about the flat and helper, lucky you.
    Re previous post about your struggle to find access into the park- a friend buster a guy on the common last week taking pics of a little girl (naked) having suncream put on. Parks are overrated. You are not missing much.
    Skype details alexefry x

    • I doubt being arrested for kiddy-snapping here would be a pleasant experience…x

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