Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 9, 2011

Counter Offer from Landlord!

Goodness, feel as though I have done a few rounds in Clapham Junction this evening. Been “negotiating”, HK-style, with the landlady who is one of the, you guessed it, Dragon Ladies.

I seem to attract them! Having already been forced to pay up monopoly money sums in order to get anything remotely liveable, it turns out that wasn’t enough. There was another offer from a corporate tenant. Uh-oh. We swiftly removed our demands of fixing the doorbell (Sam!), new tumble dryer, curtains to be beige – no! they can be any colour! – and a mattress for the helper – bad luck Tessie.

The only thing we have on our side now is speed. Corporate tenants cannot move fast – especially not if they are dealing with an HR department similar to mine.  So, 8pm this evening and a dash across the road, into Exchange Square and the estate agent office to write the largest cheque I have ever seen (obviously the exchange rate is part of the impact!), and now all we can do is cross our fingers. Hopefully when faced with enough cash to bag half of the Louis Vuitton store, she’ll capitulate!


  1. Actually, you no longer need cash to bag half the LV store anymore in Blighty, just the bag…..

  2. Good luck! Catching up on your blog was a lovely way to pass time eating my lunch. Been distracted by the riots the past few days..sorry! 😉 x

    • No worries. Can’t believe all that stuff at home. Hope you are all safe x

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