Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 11, 2011

It never rains…

It pours. Absolutely torrential sweeping great downpour in Central at lunchtime. A misty grey cloud hung over the peak all afternoon and Lawrence couldn’t even make it to Gymboree for his class.  Someone went out without an umbrella and was soaked through to his 12th new pair of socks.  In other disappointing news, I managed a hefty miscommunication at work and we lost out on the flat on Conduit Road. Perhaps the landlady read this blog. 

But on the positive side, we spent a lovely hour at the China Club, a bohemian paradise packed with wacky modern art and a roof terrace overlooking the harbour on one side and up to the peak on the other. Another of these big swingers in HK life that Sam keeps pulling out of the bag, our host was a charming female journalist who knows EVERYONE here who could possibly have a job going – great news! 

Back at the ranch I popped round the corner to our local Vietnamese caff to get dinner.  Down a dank dark alleyway where old men the size of 8 year boys sort rubbish late into the night nestles this family-run business. There are two women out front; one is the English-speaker, one resembles Bride of Wildenstein and is eating every time I go in there. But they welcomed me with open arms, it’s our favourite food so far, and always costs a whopping HKD100 (about £8) for enough food for at least the two of us. 

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