Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 13, 2011

Gym Gyminy

One perk of coming out to Hong Kong is that we don’t yet have a buzzing social life. Bizarre as this sounds, it does mean that we are able to try a few things that perhaps we wouldn’t have back home. Take for example our car buying choices last year. With Larry on the way we needed to buy a bigger car. One of us suggested a Golf, the other something a bit more exotic in the form of a Nissan Qashquai (with a review like this who wouldn’t?) But quirky thinking was quickly shot down when broached at the pub, widespread ridicule being the order of the day for daring to veer from such an established VW path.

So not having a thriving social life yet means that we are free to experiment, to dally, to be, well, free. So yesterday I did yoga for the first time. Call me what you want, but it was actually not too bad. Especially as the instructor was not exactly unappealing to the eye. Although forming extravagant poses while sitting on wooden blocks surrounded by sweaty middle aged Chinese women might not be everyone’s cup of cha, it was interesting to see what all the fuss was about. And I rather enjoyed it.

The class made a change from the normal gym routine at any rate. I am doing a fair bit of treadmill action to get fit again, but the gym is not exactly helping my motivation. When you’ve got a 2 hour run ahead of you (perhaps not quite yet…) the advantage of completing it at a gym is that you have television to keep you company. However, this doesn’t work if all that is being shown are two manga cartoon channels (in Chinese, and with Chinese subtitles to boot), a Spiderman cartoon (ditto with the Chinese) and a documentary on caligraphy. In Chinese. After 20 minutes of this I stopped the machine and moved to one looking out of the window at a block of flats, which was far more stimulating.

Manga: not always unfamiliar

We hear that HK isn’t the most sports-mad of places, although it is far too early to tell if this is just the fat knackers we know making excuses for themselves. ‘Hiking’ – or as we know it, going for a walk – does seem to be popular given the number of people we have seen buying walking poles. But as for anything else, time will tell. But given the excellent nature of the food here, we had better get active in one way or another.


  1. We were going to get a Honda CV once.. and after our Sydney trip Tom does Hot Bikram Yoga all the time – even in Fulham! (But I think that’s cos he sometimes get to do it behind Elle Macpherson).

  2. How could you ever stray away from the Honda Civic? Traitor.

    • The Honda Civic challenge is too easy! Need something to drive me harder

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