Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 19, 2011

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week (with apologies to Harry Hill) no.1

China is noted for its wide array of edibles. In the spirit of investigation we shall be searching out the food and medicine stuffs that either intrigue you or make you want to hurl, you delicate Westerners you.

Each week we will print a photo of something we find in the markets or stalls round here, and you have to guess what it is by writing your answer in the comment box below. As a prize, if you get it right then we’ll buy one for you to try when you come out here to visit.

Here is this week’s item.

Clues: we’ll make it easy this week to get us rolling. “An Anatidaephobes’ salty newborn nightmare”

Enter your guesses in the comment box below and let the search for truth begin!

What on earth?


  1. Duck eggs!

    • Duck testes

  2. Nearly right…

  3. Could it be duck poo

  4. Frozen duck wee?!

  5. when do we find out the answer?

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