Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 27, 2011

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week (with apologies to Harry Hill) no.2

And the answer to last week’s befuddlement is… *drums rolling*… SALTED duck eggs. Not just any old duck eggs mind. I wish I could taste one but I wasn’t allowed to purchase a single egg, so I skipped it. However, Carlton wins first prize as he got closest so he will be eating his fill when he comes over. (As he is in the middle of an earthquake/hurricane episode at the moment, the threat of more “xián yā dàn” than he can handle may well be the straw that breaks his donkey’s back.)


So what do we have on offer for this week? Fresh from the Peel St market we have…………:


The question is, what organ is this? To be honest your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the name of the creature that it came from, but we shall endeavour to find a name by next Saturday. All I can tell you as a clue for the name of the organ is that my worst nightmare doesn’t have one.

Please post your comments below!


ps. More adventures of Larry coming soon, and thanks for the feedback. He’s been a bit busy growing his first tooth this week. Nothing like a bit of screaming on a hangover.


  1. so we think it must be a lung?!

  2. No, but on the same lines…

  3. you’ll forgive us for not having another go, not entirely sure we want to win this one!!

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