Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 28, 2011

Jumbo, Eat Your Heart Out!

Today we had booked brunch at one of the Jumbo’s competitor establishments. Although we  now realise there is simply no competition. The Conrad Hilton is set back a haughty distance from the hustle and bustle of Central. We disembarked the taxi with the assistance of a smart doorman and were ushered up to the 8th floor. Sadly our new pals (Lawrence’s German mate plus parents) were not able to come due to the little fellow being poorly, so it was just the three of us. Although with Lawrence, one is never alone for long. Posing with a silver spoon in his mouth (credits to Fa Fa for having given him one as a Christening present), soon all the waitresses were coo-ing. And the grumpy squawking Chinese kid on the next table was getting a lot of dirty looks.

So, the buffet. This one has free-flowing Louis Roederer champers, but we opted out, since Sam has a hockey try-out later. (More on that to come).  We decided to get our money’s worth via the food offering.  My goodness, where to start? There was a sushi counter, massive table full of over 100 lobsters, roast meat selection, Pasta Bar… no rank old tomato sauce here. Two enormous dishes full of truffles, white and black. (Shame as there was no way I was going to load up on too many carbs and wasn’t sure if I could just ask for a bit of truffle standalone).  A special grilling/frying section churned out great hunks of foie gras, and then there are about 30 hot dishes, everything from lasagne to prawn curry with all the trimmings.


This photo doesn't do the buffet justice - it spreads to two different rooms.

I could go on, but two hours later thinking about it is actually making me a feel a bit sick. Lawrence had a super time; he ate some salmon en croute, mashed potatoes, blueberries and dragon fruit. And was given to take home a little teddy called Conrad and a rubber duck with a big balloon attached! Fun was had by all.

What else have we been up to? Good news on the flat, we can move in on Friday 2nd. So this is our last weekend in windowless wonderland.

 Friday night Sam and I went to a Wine and Oyster evening at my office courtesy of the bank Wine Society. The instructor only spoke Cantonese, but valiant (and extremely comprehensive) translation efforts by the marketing department meant that Sam and I understood most of it.  The wine glasses were too small but the oysters were ok. The first one was massive, and Sam, not being an oyster fan, had to rely on all of his British-public-school- boy training to actually get the thing down without retching. Interestingly, the company who provided the oysters all had matching aprons that simply said, Gag. Hmm. The poor chap has not been quite the same since.

Meanwhile, the mission to gain entry to one of the clubs has fallen to Sam and his rather rusty hockey skills. Become a team member and the club membership, apparently, follows soon afterwards. So he was dispatched yesterday to the HK Cricket Club to manfully demonstrate his stick skills with a bunch of other wannabees. Did ok, from what I understand, and Lawrence and I joined him for a BBQ lunch afterwards. As I type, he is fighting off the comatose-sensation induced by our vast lunch and is on the way to the Football Club to take a turn on the pitch there. Us two are instead going to head west to Sheung Wan to do a bit of cheapo shopping for the flat, shower curtains and the like. 


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