Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 1, 2011

Six Ways to Wear a Scarf

The yellow skies have descended. The pollution is back, rather like schoolkids all over England, the balmy days of summer are over, replaced by a cloud hanging over all our heads. The other day I looked out of the office window (23rd floor) and thought there must be a thunderstorm coming, as it was almost a bit dark, the smog was so bad. I’ve been sneezing away and Lawrence seems to have a little bit of a cough. Sam is only suffering tooth problems (oh will it ever end!!!), and a pulled muscle in his ‘upper thigh’ after hockey training last night. Ouch! Hope that means he is not out of action for lugging boxes around over the weekend. 

This week has been a long one, despite it being only Friday and we have a very busy moving day ahead. On Tuesday evening I went out for dinner with my work counterparts, the world’s local bank man plus two French chaps. We started off at Sevva, the bar Sam mentioned the other day that overlooks my office and has great views around the Central area. But with it’s Cafe del Mar style music, subdued lighting, and loungey sofas its not really the place for business chat with people you’ve never met before, so it was quite a relief to head off to a restaurant. More on that tomorrow in the “Strange Chinese delicacy of the week” section. Yes, some of us Olsens just take pictures and tease. Others of us actually eat the item. You will see!

Wednesday evening my colleague and I were entertained (once again) by the British Chamber of Commerce at a reception at Burberry. This was great fun. Champagne flowed (unlike the wine and oyster evening at work), and we all had a good poke around the lovely leather goods. The piece de resistance was the fashion advice given by the shop staff. Their English wasn’t great and they had all written out their speech on little cards which only made it all seem more stilted.  And they were wearing some right funny combinations of clothes.  HOWEVER, I did enjoy “six ways to wear a scarf”, and learnt a new way to wear one!!  It was hot work since by the time they got to demonstrating on me they had run out of cotton ones and I had a full-on swathe of welsh wool round my neck.  

Must dash, uninspired post I know, but lots of packing to do for the move later!! 


  1. Good luck with the move. Raising a glass to you now!

  2. Personally, I’m intrigued by this new way to wear a scarf…

  3. Han I shall try and do it on a video and send to you!! Anyway, am sure you know it already. Hope job is going well. Am knackered back at work!!

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