Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 4, 2011

Pirate Pool Party

So, we are in! Our new flat is lovely and big with floor to ceiling windows and the floor is great. Wooden parquet and shiny almost as good as the one Sarah Hind laid in Dallas. The move was a wonder, 5 chinese chaps and a girl named Susanna. She and I stood by the door as they wheeled in all 127 items, boxes, sofas, even Sam’s bike which is seeming like a very strange idea now we see quite how hilly it is! All arrived in good order, nothing damp or broken despite its arduous sea journey.  We are on the 22nd floor with views out across lots of other apartment blocks and then a few chinks of the harbour beyond (on the north facing side). Out the back, more apartments but a little glimpse of the forested area up to The Peak. Here is the view out the front last night. 

Yesterday we spent unpacking a lot of boxes. Lawrence seemed please to see all his things in his room again especially that Vtech baby walker which he can now turn on and off and I wish had got lost over the side. Other than that it is really so nice to be back amongst all our own furniture and crockery and all. And to have a choice of shoes to wear out in the evening!  We’ve even got the telly working and pleased to report that CBeebies still enthralls the little chap. Thank goodness because there is no way I want him getting hooked on Nickolodeon – what a racket.   We ensured exhaustion by taking him for a swim in the pool downstairs which he enjoyed no end, sporting his shark swimming trunks, gawping at all the big kids and splashing around on the steps. 

Now, I mentioned a choice of shoes to wear out in the evening. But last night that was the only choice I had to make. We were due to attend a Pool Party with a Pirate fancy dress theme. I can imagine many of you reading that with utter dread. I felt the same but the thought of expanding the so-far rather limited social life spurred us on. The party was for the Hockey teams at the HK Football Club. So we dressed in the nylon outfits Sam had purchased down on Pottinger Street and headed out. For the beginning of the evening we were largely limited to each other’s company. Then, chatting to Sam’s potential team-mate, we realised he was from Hull! Hurrah! From that point on the evening took a turn for the better. As the entire 180 people at the party were one by one, (or sometimes three by three) thrown into the pool, Sam and I watched in blissful dryness, knowing that being newcomers, no-one would take a pop at us. How wrong I was. A chap called Duncan, met earlier in the barbecue line, grabbed me shouting “you’re a bit dry” and before I knew it, in I went! Very refreshing because it is still pretty sticky even at 10pm, especially in nylon jerkin.  It really is like being on holiday here! Or some kind of teen summer camp. Speaking of which, we bumped into Coconut Girl (see earlier post), and I would have liked to report she was wearing more than the first time we met her. Except this time it was just a large silk handkerchief adoring her upper half. (There you go, fashion-conscious readers -seventh way to wear a scarf!!). 


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