Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 5, 2011

New job, ish.

Now we’ve moved in to the flat, have found our helper (who will start very soon, thank goodness) and have generally had a bit more stability, it is time for someone to really start looking for a job. Luckily enough there are absolutely loads to go round – I’ve been offered 3 or 4 things already, all of which are around business building and working with nice guys. However, I want to spend a bit more time looking especially as the jobs market has basically shut down for the summer and, I hear, doesn’t get going again until October at the earliest.

I am spending my mornings learning Mandarin (another post on this shortly) but want to keep my hand in work too. This will help me to get used to business conditions over here, enhance our social lives, and add a bit more structure. Plus the money, natch. So I am going freelance for a month or so, working with a small TV production company. It has been quite successful but the owner wants to move things along a bit, so has asked me to take a look. Being a film buff this is all rather exciting, and today is the first day. Can’t wait. Maybe I can persuade him to make that film I wrote…


In other news, Lawrence’s teeth are really beginning to get slightly tiresome. He was up three times last night, four the night before, and spends much of the day time with his fingers in his mouth looking far from gruntled. Still doesn’t stop him from trapping his hands under the loo seat or chirping the ENTIRE time though.


  1. If memory serves, you could spend the greater part of the day chirping!

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