Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 13, 2011

A Lovely Moony Feeling

I felt something last night that I hadn’t felt for a while. At least not for six weeks. A bit chilly. Sam and I went to the Peak after dinner, to experience our first Mid-Autumn Festival which is something to do with a full moon and eating. Most Chinese festivals revolve around eating and family (not much different than ours in the West then), and this one is no exception. Families eat a big meal and then head out to one of several popular spots to watch the full moon. Since we hadn’t been to The Peak yet, that was our chosen destination. Once there, we looked at the views and saw some stunning sights of Victoria Harbour below, lights all glittering under an ominous cloudy sky. It was quite windy up there and this is when I really did feel a slight chill  – hurrah!! and it was very green. Lots of Chinese up there, all the little kiddies carrying glowing toys or balloons, it made for a lovely evening.

Today is a bank holiday, and we have had a whopping great consumer day out. Starting out at Wisekids which really is the MOST FUN ever, even for adults. It’s a huge indoor play area with all the usual toys and so on, plus a waterbed in the baby area – Lawrence was not a fan – a full on pretend supermarket with trolleys and all, a boat, a building site, a sensory room, and the ever-present singing and dancing at the end. We met some Dutch friends there, and had lunch with them afterwards, very nice Dim Sum.

It was a beautiful day and neither of us (sorry, should say none of us), wanted to come home much, so Sam made an executive decision that we were off to Ocean Park. Yes, an amusement park but with a difference, with a sort of zoo inside, a huge aquarium, giant fountain display, and this was only half of it – there are cable cars spiriting punters over the side of the mountain to who knows what delights. We purchased annual passes so will no doubt be back soon. The highlight was seeing a real live panda! Although Lawrence much preferred the aquarium and Daddy stayed close as there were several species of shark. 


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