Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 24, 2011

Strange Chinese Delicacy of the Week 5


Was last week’s entry too hard? Not a single guess! Either that or no one wants to win a week’s supply of moon cakes. Yep, that was what it was, every last sumptuous morsel.

Now for this week’s. Remember to leave your guess at the comments bit at the bottom of the page!






You can never accuse the Chinese of not being vivid with their menus. Take the photo below. It is pretty obvious it’s a bird, but can you tell what type and anything else about it? Let’s just say that it would not be the preferred choice of any urban dweller…

If ever there was a time for a squawk, it's now


  1. What is a moon cake?! For the photo above I would go with sticky bbq style sauce covering a city dwelling pigeon, rather than the more edible wood pigeon?

  2. Well done Hodgy, you win. Yes, it is a baby pigeon. A very realistic pigeon.

  3. Pigeon. I couldn’t even guess last week…

    • Just saw that I was late to the game with an answer…

    • Well moon cakes are a bit odd

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