Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 27, 2011

Back home

Lawrence and I made our way back from Singapore on Sunday, alone, together. Never alone with a little friend like him though! He made plenty of friends including the three metrosexuals tapping away on their ipads next to us on the plane. The Cathay stewardesses were NOT my friends, however. It’s as though the minute they approach you they become completely void of common sense. After asking repeatedly over the din of whining, wriggling Lawrence in my arms “Would you like to have your meal now Madame”, (Yeah right, good idea, do you want to hold him while I eat because your bassinet is pretty likely to project him onto the floor if he stands up), they waited till he was asleep in the sling on my front. I rang the bell. Nothing, kept ringing it on and off. Finally one appeared. “Please can I have some food?” it was 3.30pm and anyone who knows me even vaguely will know that I would be extremely grumpy to be eating lunch this late. “For you Madame, or for the baby?”. Jeez.

Anyway, we landed in a rather grey and rainy HK which was actually quite refreshing after Singapore. Our hostess there reckoned they had done something to the clouds to stop it raining during the Formula 1, rather like they did for the Beijing Olympics. Wouldn’t surprise me, Singaporeans do like things to be just perfect. It felt strangely comforting to be home, Singapore is so NOT Chinese (I had always lumped the two places together as being pretty similar), and landing amongst the slighty gruffer, rougher round the edges HK taxi drivers and airport staff was quite a pleasure.

Final note on Formula 1; you may like to have a look at this blog: written by Mary Firth, Camilla’s little sister. It’s food for Formula 1!

Lawrence is sitting opposite me eating breakfast. Today he has grapes, banana, bread, and proper grown-up porridge. He slept until 6.50am today – hurrah! (although was up at about midnight sending his father round the twist).  Today he’s going to gymboree and probably for a play downstairs with the big kids. One poor little girl is not allowed in the communal playroom here at the block because her Mum thinks it’s unhygenic. Have invited her round for a playdate “respectable English family”. Let’s see!


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