Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 29, 2011

Typhoon Tastic

It was fitting that last night we had dinner at a restaurant called Under Bridge Spicy Crab. Not Under the Bridge you note, the neon sign doesn’t have room for pointless little English words. The restaurant is not one, it’s about four, gathered around a corner under an underpass in Wan Chai. Our friend Claire’s Cantonese-speaking secretary had booked us a table but this didn’t help. We arrived at the designated location (414 Jaffe Road), but a lady in a shiny pink chinese style top told us we had to wait. She barked into a walkie talkie and we were sent round the corner to another branch.

Ordering was straightforward enough. You get a crab big enough for the four of you, and decide on the degree of spiciness (Medium- the girls got in there first while the boys were still gassing). The only confusion ensued when we all decided to have a crack at speaking Cantonese. Oh the waiters loved it, but they had no idea what we were saying. Lay Ho Ma? Lay Ho Ma?  I asked. Not “Is it coming soon” but just “how are you”, not very advanced yet but eager to please!  The food was very good and extremely fresh, but messy, lots of garlic and chilli and I am sure palm oil coating everything.

Anyway, this place really is famous, so any incoming visitors will be likely to be treated to a visit. It’s a firm favourite with the locals, there weren’t many other westerners in there. The original branch is in fact in a Typhoon shelter, and the reason this is fitting is because….

Number 8 flag is raised! The black flag. Black rain (? what, sounds terrifying!). Lawrence was up half the night squalling in the squall. The wind really whistles round the 22nd floor, and considering we are high up anyway here in mid-levels. Wouldn’t like to be on The Peak.  We got up at 6.30am to check the observatory  and indeed the warning is there in black and white, although with some “Lessening” arrows under it. There are only three points on the scale (not 8 or more as you may imagine).  1, 3, and 8. And of course 8 is the chinese lucky number. Why? Because we get a day off work. Hurrah! At least until the signal changes. Which Tessie informs me could be any minute so I shall go and get dressed now just in case.




  1. Saw some images on CNBC this morning, they said it went from an 8 to 3. I saw that the market was closed so good news on both fronts!

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