Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 30, 2011

Strange Chinese Delicacy of the Week 6

Last week’s edition was too easy, far too easy in fact. Two people got it straight away, but James Hodgson just snuck through by correctly pointing out that it was a whole roast baby pigeon. Well, the picture couldn’t have been more graphic to be fair. James, if you want to claim your prize earlier then I suggest you go to Trafalgar Square with a cardboard box and some breadcrumbs, but otherwise we’ll arrange for your pigeon fancying to be sated out here.


Right, what do we have in this week’s photo? They are literally on every Chinese medicine and foodstuff shop front. And for those that know me (or Alistair Calvert, who suffers from a similar allergy) I cannot touch them. That doesn’t stop Aggie trying to poison me with them every once and a while though.

Answers below please!


  1. Mushrooms

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