Posted by: Sam Olsen | October 9, 2011

Sleepless in Sap-Ho Robinson Doc

Sap Ho Robinson Doc is our address, in Cantonese (10 number Robinson Road). I don’t sleep all that well here. No, we don’t have a newborn unlike Sophie and Phil Taylor, or Tom and Lucy Hunt (congrats all!). But Lawrence likes to rise with the lark, or sometimes the Phoenix. Sometimes 5.30, sometimes 6.30. Which my girls at home tell me is quite normal and just live with it. And I would, except for the other things in the night that keep me up. Noises. Aircon unit. Beeping of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings on the street 22 floors beneath. Light. As Mum will tell anyone I must have DARKNESS!   Sam, snoring gently or not so gently; there is a direct correlation between the number of alcohol units consumed and the volume of the snoring. And construction. It’s no wonder buildings shoot up over here, they start at 7am on a Saturday, so even if it IS my day for a lie-in, the banging from the ever-growing building soon penetrates the earplugs. The higher it goes, the closer it gets to our windows. I do hope it doesn’t block the sliver of harbour view that we still enjoy.

Am watching Groupon constantly for a cheap offer of a night in a hotel. Somewhere quiet and dark in the New Territories, preferably.

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