Posted by: Sam Olsen | October 12, 2011

Bloodless hockey update

For those of you that have never played hockey with me the title of this post will mean little. For those of you that have, you will be astonished to see ‘bloodless’, ‘hockey’ and me in the same context. For when I was properly playing – at school, at college and in the Army – every single match I played in would end with me either conscious and bloody or unconscious and bloody. I was hospitalised four times by this gentle sport, and as previously noted the last time I competed I had to have reconstructive surgery on my nose.

But time seems to have mellowed me. I am very much enjoying the sport again, but am not as passionate/violent as I used to be. I even picked up someone’s stick for him the other day after he clattered into me – and not the other way round, I hasten to add. That said, I did fail the umpiring course the other day, which was centred around what an umpire should do when this and that happened. Unfortunately for me most of the incidents tested on video were attackers coming into the area and having some almighty smash with the defender. I was somewhat surprised that my generic answer of “Play on” was wrong in every single case. Some of the clashes actually led to the defender being sent off. Would never have happened in my day: a much tougher game back then.

To be honest the two games I have played in so far have been quite rough and tumble and played in a quite aggressive manner. My team mates are all pretty nice guys yet are definitely not shy of a word or two. But I shall resist the old me and concentrate on my new-found inner karma. Until something like below happens again and I wake up in a HK hospital. Then the gloves will be off. If the doctor says I don’t have to have another nose job that is.



  1. Sorry, since when did you have complete reconstructive surgery on your nose? surely that would imply it isn’t a strange wonky creation?!!

    • It was a German surgeon – I can’t account for his work!

  2. Sam, its fatherhood. Its mellowing you. I’ve noticed the same thing. I think its the patience you have to develop with all those sleepless nights when you can’t stop them crying.

    • If anything those sleepness nights make me more angsty. I would dream of a lie-in, but I never sleep long enough to dream in the first place

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