Posted by: Sam Olsen | October 14, 2011

Richard E Grant, he say come

Just received this email from our old pal Romilly. Very amusing. And I hear the film is not bad. Please go along and support British cinema!


Dear Noted Philanthropist,

Just a quick note to tell you that our film, First Night, is finally being released nationwide from tomorrow Friday 14th October (see attached poster).

If the words “so” and “what”, more or less in that order, are marching with swift stride towards your lips I shall not hold it against you.

However, if you are of a more even-minded or, dare I say, cultured persuasion, kindly reserve your judgement until after you’ve seen the film at your nearest cinematic auditorium. Then at least you will have an informed opinion, while we will rejoice in the happy by-product of you almost single-handedly pushing our box office total past the mark set by that ill-fated Uma Thurman movie, Motherhood, which grossed a mere £88 over its entire nationwide campaign.

First Night is indeed being released nationally, but this is not to say that it is coming to a cinema near you. In fact, it’s only being released on 40-50 screens across our fair isle. So while this film will hopefully prove right up your street in terms of appeal, it may reside up a more distant street geographically-speaking. With that in mind, I attach a brief release timetable for your convenience. Plane, train, automobile… I don’t care how you get there, just get there if you can! And the sooner the better please, since we need to perform well in the early days and weeks in order to maintain the screens.

So cancel that meeting, swop your Samaritans shift, visit granny next week, and leave your first-born under the watchful eye of next-door’s black lab – they’ll be fine. And no matter who you take along for the ride (husband, wife, friend, mother, secret lover) I guarantee your relationship will reap untold benefit from 100 escapist minutes free from the pressures of sustaining everyday chit-chat. 

With just a day to go till release, the time for action is now. Please ‘Like’ it on Facebook (links below), tweet the tweet and spread the good gospel of First Night. In short: the call is from heroism – kindly accept the charges and we will be forever grateful!

Big love, Romilly

ps Check out the trailer, reviews and other details at:

First Night is opening in the UK this Friday 14th October

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