Posted by: Sam Olsen | October 19, 2011

Dog killer

HK is full of dogs. Bizarre, you might think, given the size of the place and that most people live in flats. But nevertheless the dogs are here, and en masse. The trendiest are the ones that no one knows the name of: the big fluffy ones with a slightly up-curve to the tail, and generally quite friendly.

Trouble is, dogs poo. And the bigger the dog, the bigger… the local government has helped owners out by providing “dog latrines” which are a sandpit located on paths around the island, which some unfortunate soul has to clean out each day.

But this is not good enough for many owners. Well, actually, the helpers really, as the owners hardly ever seem to walk their own pets. Because there are dog faeces everywhere. It can be even worse than Paris in the wrong areas; indeed, no one likes to go running at night because you never know where to step.

This slap dash attitude to public hygiene has, not surprisingly, raised the ire of a number of people. And these people are determined to wipe out the dogs. They would probably go for the owners/helpers too if they weren’t scared of being exported to a Chinese death van. So they put strategically located meat in various places where the dogs are likely to find them on their walks. 72 dogs have been poisoned since 1995, and two-thirds have subsequently died, as this article taken from the South China Morning Post makes clear. Chris Patten, aka Fat Pang, the last Governor of HK, had his dog poisoned in 1997, but luckily it survived.

The police seem to not take it too seriously, so vigilantes have been known to patrol around looking for the poisoners. You often see posters up warning people of a poisoner at large, which is a reminder that not everyone here is an animal lover. Alas given the rugged nature of many of the paths and trails here, laying down poisoned meat is very easy to do and it will take a lot of luck to find the perpetrators. Until then, don’t go scrubbing around for chicken-heads on the verge.

Doggie hell


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