Posted by: Sam Olsen | November 5, 2011

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week 11

Congratulations to Riccy Stephen for winning last week’s entry – sorry Mark, he just snuck in ahead of you. So Riccy, you win a lifetime’s supply of dog pee protectors. But here is a question: why on earth would you want to stop dogs peeing on your wheels? Surely it can’t do that much damage, even if a thousand hounds cocked their legs there. And is the damage done enough to warrant carrying around urine-soaked bits of wood? Any illumination on the subject would be welcome.

As for this week, what do we have below?

δόντια δεινόσαυρος

To be honest, if you had to create a list of delicacies the world over, this would probably not make the top million. It is so bizarre as to be almost fictional. But no, I am assured by the shop keeper that it is what he says it is. The caption will help a lot, if you can speak Greek. But it being in Greek is part of the clue – which will probably only become apparent when I reveal the answer! A second clue is that it is very, very old and related to the mouth.

Good luck – and answers below please!



  1. Daniel says it’s dinosaur teeth?!

  2. Well done. Bizarre but true. More on this later…

  3. dinosaur teeth!? Can’t be.

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