Posted by: Sam Olsen | November 12, 2011

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week 12

Well done Daniel Huntington for realising that last week’s photo was of dinosaur teeth. We have absolutely no idea what on earth these are used for other than we found this specimen in a medicine shop. All rather bizarre, because the teeth are fossilised so you might as well grind up a bit of a brick. But then again, if you could earn money from selling bits of stone then why not. Daniel, why not persuade your father to dig some fossils up for you? He will love it, I’m sure.

So what about this week? The photo is taken in the same shop as the dino teeth, so is the same kind of weirdness. (It’s the round thing in the foreground you are trying to guess.) Think “equine intestinal stone”. If anyone has an answer make sure you write it below. Good luck!

I’m probably not what you think


  1. A horse bezoar – the universal antidote against any poison?

    • How on earth did you get that?!

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