Posted by: Sam Olsen | November 20, 2011

BAU: Christmas Shopping and Bring ‘n’ Braai

Business as Usual, is what that stands for, if you didn’t know. And we are back to life as normal after the excitement of two birthdays (one more exciting than the other needless to say),  a wedding (my colleague’s), and the grandparental visit.  It’s been a manic week at work for yours truly. The changing of the clocks over on Your side of the world means that now, just as it’s about time for me to have a cup of tea and wind down for the day, the people I am working with are only just getting in to the office. Does make for highly productive team though – as I can get in the next morning and have a full inbox of work they’ve produced overnight. Leading the way, in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, we like to call it.  Last night I actually dreamt that Lawrence had woken up and conveniently the lawyer arrived to drop off some documents all that the same time. Weird. 

Lawrence is still a bit ill, and I now understand why people let their kids go around with disgusting snotty noses. He’s miserable enough as it is, without have a meltdown every time I try and clean up his gunky features.  Yesterday we set out en famille to do our Christmas shopping. Now, don’t expect much, people. As we’ve commented before, shopping in HK exists at two extremes; high-end designer or brightly coloured ‘chinoiserie’ from the markets. And you ain’t getting Bulgari or Burberry. 

On the way home, back up the escalator, we stopped off at a ridiculously priced designer furnishing shop, where as usual we disagreed on everything. Except for a lampshade that cost over £200. So, no purchases made. Finally, to the butchers; an equally luxury institution but my priorities dictate that we must all try and eat free range meat that has ranged it’s way from Australia. That’s a difficult question for anyone with  green prerogative; which is best – free range with whopping food miles, or local (and I mean HK, NOT China), with what are probably highly questionable animal welfare standards. Thoughts? Anyway, the reason for our butcher visit is  that we were invited to a Bring ‘n’ Braai by our South African pals. They live out in ‘Chinese’ HK, unlike us cowards of mid-levels. But there is no way I’d live in a 5th-floor walk-up in this heat!

We met some lovely people, mainly locals. Although there were a lot of small bits of chicken on the BBQ (wings fortunately, no feet), we got our sausages (Boerwors for our hosts of course) cooked in the end. But it was so dark I had no idea whether they were cooked or not. Tasted ok washed down with plenty of red wine. 

Must sign off, someone wants to play. “ooooh, ohhh, op op da da doo”

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