Posted by: Sam Olsen | November 26, 2011

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week 14

Yet again the answer is plucked by Riccy quicker than a turkey at Christmas. The dish was indeed sea cucumber, abalone and bok choi. And tasty they were too, yes, real yummee… As it was a wedding meal we had to scoff it all down, but the wine made it easier to swallow most of it. We felt a tad guilty until we noticed that half the Chinese people on our table had eaten less of it than us!

So what does this week have in store? A nice easy one, so no clue for now. Hodgy, Mark, Carlton, Daniel Hunty, anyone else: now is your chance to beat Riccy!

Answers below as always.



  1. Dried seahorse?

    • Not quite. Anyone else?

  2. some form of eel?

    • Well, no, but it looks a bit like one.

  3. Dried pipefish

  4. (AKA dried sea dragon)

  5. Or v specifically the genus:

  6. Looks like a sea horse to me!

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