Posted by: Sam Olsen | December 4, 2011

The Olsen’s Christmas Agenda

It’s the 4th of December. Only three weeks to go till Christmas, and Hong Kong has embraced this fully. Piped Christmas music abounds, the proliferation of shopping malls means one cannot often even escape it outdoors. It’s finally chilly, proper chilly, and I am wondering why on earth I gave Sister Petchey quite so many of my winter clothes. I have nothing to wear, certainly not for going out to our latest local in the evening for dinner; The Press Room, a rather lovely, wintery, French bistro place. (That is blooming expensive, we cannot be going there twice a week every week like this one). Lawrence has a new coat though, a little puffa jacket with monsters on, because the ones with sleeves restricted his movement rather, and when balance is as in-the-balance as it is for him currently, restricted movement is not good. 

Anyway, for those who have been asking, we will not be home to the UK for Christmas, largely because of the nuptials of Sarah Godfrey which will take place in South Africa in January (hurrah!), so we’ll be home after that. Which means, a festive period for the Olsens in the Orient. The schedule, should you be interested, is as follows; next Saturday, 10th of Dec, is the office Christmas party (partners included), which starts at 3pm at Ocean Park (please refer to earlier posts, this is the HK equivalent of Alton Towers combined with London Zoo, but better). Working for “the-only-bank-to-have-been-upgraded-in-the-past-week-when-most- others-saw-credit-ratings-cut’ has its perks, and this is one of them. The park is closed to the public, and so my fellow colleagues are free to roam and take as many turns on the big rides as we like. I will, predictably, be ‘holding the bags’ like all Mums do, even though Lawrence is not invited. 

The following week sees the festivities ramping up a notch, with another couple of work parties, and then a concert of Christmas music to get us in the mood. Some more present shopping must also be fitted in, as I have checked the cupboards regularly and there is nothing there hidden for me yet.  Then, on Christmas Eve, we are entertaining a few pals round at Grand Panorama towers for a traditional Petchey pre-Christmas feast of Ham and red cabbage (if I can find such a thing). The Ham is worrying me. In the UK we used to get an advance on December’s salary to pay for Chrimbo, but I don’t think the same applies here. And the cost of a Ham from Pacific Gourmet downstairs is likely to cripple us financially. That is not to mention having to also purchase six more dining chairs for people to sit on (they all offered to bring something, why we couldn’t ask them to bring their own chairs I don’t know!). 

Daddy Olsen may be dispatched later to try and locate a Christmas tree. They had some in the supermarket but they are far too big for Lawrence; it’s going to have to be put somewhere up high so he can’t wreck it (his latest favourite pastime, wrecking things while listening to Mansun or Muse). Or maybe we should just put it on the balcony so we can admire it from inside with no risk of a toddler vs. pine stand-off…


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