Posted by: Sam Olsen | December 8, 2011

Pig art

Wow there! Strangeness alert.

The China Daily takes delight in announcing that female artist Miru Kim will live with pigs for 104 hours:

She admits she has a fear of germs.

But for her new art installation, Miru Kim has decided to live with pigs for 104 hours, non-stop.

The former medical student is staying in a pen at the front of one of the galleries at Art Basel Miami 2011, and visitors can watch her, naked, through the window.

Performance: Miru Kim lies with two pigs in a glass enclosure as part of an art installation, I Like Pigs And Pigs Like Me. She will live with the animals for 104 hours. ‘When I mingle with pigs, I feel my existence more than ever,’ she said

 Everyone – especially the Chinese – love a bit of port but this is really taking the meaning of art to a whole new level.

Hope it's worth it

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