Posted by: Sam Olsen | December 9, 2011

No Half-Measures, Christmas in HK

Arrived at work on Monday morning to find the most enormous Christmas tree in the lobby. Adorned with lights and baubles (some of which interestingly in the shape of ban-the-bomb CND logo, pink and glittery though).

Happy Christmas slogans adorn the lift lobby. And yet I then receive an email from Morgan Stanley in the UK inviting me to a Holiday Drinks party. Here in HK, yes, we are lucky to get a few days holiday for Christmas and New Year. But it is well recognised that this is entirely due to Christmas. Unlike in large parts of the West where, God forbid (oh dear God is probably an un-PC expression), one actually mentions the Bethlehem incident.  Admittedly, the country is probably more Christian than anything else (Stats please, Statto?), but are any of the Buddhists offended? Do we see minority groups of Muslims rioting over the baby Jesus? No! Everyone is too busy getting on with their own lives (mainly working), to give a t0ss. Quite refreshing really.

Anyway, one thing that all HK-ers are united over is the fact that this is a great retail opportunity. Here is a picture I surreptitiously took on my iphone while waiting for the bus the other night. This chap lingered awkwardly guarding his haul; probably 8 bagfuls of designer trinkets here. Stocking fillers no doubt.

As for here at Grand Panorama, Lawrence is loving opening all the post and the advent calendar windows every day, so thanks for sending all these goodies and keep it coming!


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