Posted by: Sam Olsen | December 17, 2011

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week 17

Deer body parts seem to play a rather large role in Chinese medicine and food. Last week’s photo was indeed of a deer foetus, wrapped in clingfilm. Again, any suggestions as to what this is used for gratefully received, not least for the mother deer. I feel rather bad at having to get hold of a week’s supply of deer foetus for Riccy when he comes over, but rules are rules.

As last week’s was a tad tricky unless you happen to know the Latin names for large mammals, we’ll go with an easier one this time.

I thought this photo was pretty obvious, but everyone I have shown it to takes a while to realise what it is.

The interesting thing about this creature is that every single one you encounter in the markets is wrapped like this. It must take them blooming ages to do so, but there has to be an advantage. (I can think of it but that would give the answer away.)

So once again, guesses please!

Pretty easy, right?


  1. crab…

    • But what kind?!

  2. Hairy Crab

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