Posted by: Sam Olsen | December 30, 2011

The Chronicles of Larry 17: walk the walk

Mum feeling energetic on Mount Violet

Here we are in the most chilled out week of the year. What better than to spend the days between Christmas fun and New Year disappointment by eating, drinking and watching festive TV. The occasional walk is nice too.

Note the word occasional. They don’t seem to understand this. Because we have been walking – or hiking as they optimistically call it out here – almost every day. And boy am I tired of it.

It all started on Christmas Day. Following our lunch on the Peak – at a restaurant that looked better suited to providing a home to Heidi and Peter the Goat-boy, and where the in-house Santa was so doped up on something that he gave me two presents – we walked back home.

Now I’m 14 months old I am completely big enough to be on my own. I told them this as we perambulated back to our flat. I decided to walk by myself for 800 metres, the distance I will run in the Commonwealth Games when I am older, before allowing Them to carry me.

The trouble was They kept talking to me: Be careful this, Be careful that. Every time I looked up I fell over. Thanks. So not my fault. And then They allowed me to walk in my first dog poo. Again, cheers for that.

A well-prodded common rat snake

Boxing Day came. And we walked again, this time across a whole island. This time I refused to walk myself. Because Dad had forgotten to properly clean my shoe from the dog incident this made carrying me very amusing – not for Dad though, obviously.

And then yesterday they took me on a walk up Mount Violet. Are They for real? What is it with this exercise? I humoured Them with a few steps up the path, to show off how fit I am, but it was much more relaxing to be on Dad’s shoulders. The only bright moment was stumbling across a snake on the path, apparently sun-bathing. Dad poked it with a stick (go on, get a little closer…) until Mum pointed out it was dead. Oh well.

Today I’m going to relax with my pal George and play some drums. Given that Dad seems to have a sore head from last night’s marathon monopoly session with Mum (which he lost, badly) making noise seems an excellent idea.


Do we have to walk up there?


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