Posted by: Sam Olsen | January 3, 2012

Enter the (year of the) dragon!

Happy New Year to all our loyal readers! We saw in the New Year in two different locations; Lawrence and I tucked up in bed here at the Grand Panorama and Sam living it up at Cafe Deco on The Peak. But I don’t think our experiences were all that different; I was pretty out of it on some cough medicine that was so strong it’s probably outlawed in the UK, antibiotics, and a glass of warm riesling. Sam, meanwhile, had gatecrashed the Thomas’ family New Years Party and was enjoying the free-flow champagne and wine! What kindly folks the Thomas’ are; Laura and Nick, Mr and Mrs Thomas, and then (much to my chagrin), an extremely attractive younger sister to keep Sam company. Heigh ho. Such is life with pneumonia. I was awoken at midnight by the fireworks from the IFC and other buildings along ‘the front’, we had a pretty good view from here. Tessie was awake late too, making some special Philippine cakes for her church the next day. One consists of sugar and rice, rather like a solid rice pudding – Malagkit. Sam was pleased with that!

New Year’s Day dawned at a remarkable 8am for Lawrence – HURRAH! We got ready and set off with some neighbours from beneath to Lantau island (location of the lovely Mui Wo Standard Chartered holiday cottage from Dad and Jill’s visit).  Off the ferry, and on to a bus, then off again at Cheung Sha beach, where there are two restaurants located. The Stoep (which was shut) is very famous, and then ‘the thai’ nextdoor, run by the same people. It was Emily’s birthday and she had quite a gathering. Lots of little kiddies for Lawrence to play with and best of all a beautiful dog named Crumble, who is a rescue dog who lives with two boisterous young lads and therefore can put up with Lawrence’s rather vigorous version of stroking.  It was a gorgeous setting, fairly empty beach, a few hardy swimmers, and greenery stretching up behind us (to the airport on the other side of the island!). Lawrence likes nothing more than to sit there picking up handfuls of sand, tasting it intermittently. Still salty. Had it not been for my weak lungs and Lawrence’s dinner awaiting, we could quite happily have sat there all afternoon getting gently sozzled and watching the sun set. Not for the first time Sam said “it feels like holiday”! 


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