Posted by: Sam Olsen | February 15, 2012

The Sky is Falling in!

No, this is not some reference to the dire state of affairs in the European economy, but quite literally, the line of clouds dropping steadily down the IFC 2 office building over the past few days. First it was just the very top hidden up there. Then the building dropped level with its partner IFC 1 (the building of which was curtailed by SARS breaking out so it only stands one third as high as IFC 2).  Finally, as Lawrence and I sit enjoying our milk and tea respectively in the living room, it’s so misty out there I can’t even see the building, I can hardly see Block 1 and the office has also completely disappeared from view. 

This was one of the reasons we chose not to live in Happy Valley, as Rita the estate agent told us it would be worse there. Can’t see how it would be much worse. Any paper has a damp feel like it’s been in the bathroom during a hot steamy shower. Speaking of which. towels NEVER dry properly. And first thing in the morning, the bathroom floor and unpleasantly, the loo seat, always feel rather moist. Nasty.  Being Hong Kong, there are ways to tackle this. We fired up the de-humidifer, yesterday it collected 18 litres from the spare room. Dread to think what it will extract from our bedroom with two hot adults breathing in there all night! And then there are these ‘hot rods’ in the wardrobes to help keep clothes dry. Bit nervous about plugging those in and I will seek advice from the old-timers in the office first.

So, what have we been up to? I appear to have a social life at last! Monday night was my first visit to a book club. It was great fun, we’d read March by Geraldine Brooks which I recommend. The ladies meet once a month and the evening was a mix of literary debate, political discussion and lots of cheap white wine. Then, last night, Sam and I attended a dinner at the Foreign Correspondents Club for four British MPs (of all stripes!), where I sat next to a chap called Sir David Akers-Jones. Who was once the governor of HK!! He had plenty of stories to tell, and even more impressively spoke Cantonese. In fact, there were quite a lot of gweilo Chinese speakers there last night which made me feel rather inadequate. On with the lessons from the secretaries today!



  1. oh my god- you will have to sort out all that damp paper before I get there!

  2. Don’t worry sissy, the de-humidifier seems to be getting the better of it and it will be hot by the time you arrive!

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