Posted by: Sam Olsen | February 18, 2012

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week 21


Young Rhys Calvert is a lucky boy: his father just won him a week’s supply of dried squid. Sure he’ll find some use for it.

This week’s is a special Valentine edition. Food here, in case you hadn’t heard, is rather dear. Below is a good example of this. Strawberries – flown in from Japan – that look vaguely heart-shaped, just in time for Feb 14th. All 8 of them can be yours for a cool $159 (£12.72, or £1.59 each). Aggie naturally received several packs.



  1. Sam, it’s Aggie here. I am surprised you haven’t commented on the appropriateness of the name in relation to Valentine’s day?!

  2. you’ve really dumbed down this competition – even i can guess what the mystery chinese delicacy is when you tell us in the pre-amble… Does this mean i get some japanese strawberries then?

    • Ha ha! Try and get this week’s then. Hope you are all well – any news?


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