Posted by: Sam Olsen | February 19, 2012

Ordinary Weekend

So ordinary it hardly seems worth writing about! But for anyone out there who actually likes hearing about our day to day life (as opposed to musings on the political situation in Beijing), here goes. Friday night we had dinner at Bistro Manchu which is apparently HK’s only Manchurian restaurant. Manchuria is in the north of China so the food rather suits westerners in winter. Lots of casserole type dishes preceded by some yummy dumplings. We went with my colleague W-S and her new husband John. W-S is Singaporean and lived here for three years. John is kind of local, born in HK but moved to the USA aged 16 or so. I’m not sure how impressed they were by the food but I think we all had a good time. 

Saturday, I got a nice massage at a local place (about £18 for 45 mins – not bad). Then the Olsen family set out for Chung Hom Kok which lies between Stanley and Repulse Bay. We played in a great playground and then sat on the beach for a bit. Fully clothed, it’s still winter here! Lawrence poured a lot of sand over Daddy. Afterwards we ambled gently into Stanley, for afternoon tea. The evening saw us out for drinks and dinner for a pal’s birthday. Delicious Italian food at Linguini Fini, ‘family style’ which I always like because you get to eat more and people don’t often notice.  Bit of a sore head this morning.

And today, our visitors have already arrived! Hurrah.  Lawrence was playing downstairs with one of his older female friends (Nicole, aged 8 and a half). She was showing him her plants in the garden area. I think she’s growing potatoes but she says its a tomato plant. We’ll see. The industrious little lady will then sell the produce at 10 dollars. Which she points out is very competitive versus the supermarkets.

 We’ll be heading over to the football club for lunch later, and then perhaps a leisurely tram ride back for our guests to take in the sights at a less than frenetic place. 

Just noticed this blog is, yet again, all about food. 


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