Posted by: Sam Olsen | February 26, 2012

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week 22

Last week’s was very easy, partly because we told you what it was. Sadly GP, you won’t be getting any Japanese strawberries at that price, no matter how heart-shaped you like your fruit.

So this week we are back to our challenging selves. When you first look at below’s picture you will not have a clue, unless you have been fortunate enough to have tasted one (which we have not, thank goodness). As for a clue, it is perhaps what an anatine version of Brian would have sold in the Coliseum in the film of his life. Unless a cat had got them first, of course.


Answers below as always…

Probably taste worse than they look



  1. Geese tongues

    • SO close

  2. duck feet?

    • Mix and match with Carlton for the right answer…

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