Posted by: Sam Olsen | March 15, 2012

Big. Very Big.

Wednesday lunchtime, IFC shopping mall, small boutique stocking French stuff. Empty except for me.

Me: “Do you have any clothes in here to fit me?”

Shop assistant, looking shiftily at her colleague: “Sorry?”

Me: “Do you have any clothes in here that would fit me?”

Shop assistant: “Fit a man?”

Me: “No, me (gesturing), me, you know, like a UK size 12”.

Shop assistants glance at each other: “UK….size 12” looks at counter display of jewelry for inspiration: “No, because that is very, well, BIG” (gestures with both hands wide apart!).  Great. Immediately ate two chocolate buns. But made up for it this morning in the swim training, 1.5 hours in the pool starting at 6am. Feel like death now and have eaten about 4000 calories today.

In other news, Sam reports in from Wuhan, he made it safely, he has lots to tell you, and is having a wonderful time!



  1. oh no, how embaressing, always feel like an amazonian giant amongst those dainty oriental types!!! x

  2. Thank god I wasn’t with you.

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