Posted by: Sam Olsen | March 23, 2012

The Chronicles of Larry 21: rugby mad

So it appears sports fever has hit Hong Kong. No, I do not mean the fallout from my successful turn at my sports day the other week. I mean the rugby sevens. It feels like the whole place has gone on a drinking holiday. Pasty gwailos fresh off the plane roam the streets wearing too-tight rugby shirts looking for the next pub. You can tell the French because they’re the only ones that would be seen in a France shirt.

Dad is obviously in his element. Mum is not. She has banished him to the spare room for the three days of action and is going on a girls picnic tomorrow whilst all the men are ‘watching’ the rugby, dressed up as Mexicans for some reason. I did watch with some amusement Dad trying to persuade her to come along. “I do not want to get urinated on” was the main reason why she rejected the spare ticket. Some people.

Hong Kong rugby is such a boring sport to watch

I am naturally already rather good at rugby. I was given a ball when I was born – obviously far too small for me now – which I run around holding preparing to be any back in the world other than David Campese. (Dad says he saw him at the rugby last night. Apparently he looks very old. But still an arrogant…) My progress on the rugby pitch is somewhat limited by Dad contiually tackling me and shouting “Easy!” as I hit the deck. Hope he doesn’t break anything, that would be sad.

Meanwhile I will have to wait till I am a bit taller to join in the festive fun. Until then I will just make sure I wake up Dad as many times in the night as possible. Fun for all the family.



  1. It won’t be long until you are as big as your Dad

    • Next year!

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