Posted by: Sam Olsen | March 24, 2012

Strange Chinese Delicacy of the Week: The Pill They All Wish They’d Taken

Sam’s unavailable today, and most likely severely incapacitated at this stage (it’s 6.10pm, he got to the rugby at 8am this morning).  And I haven’t got a photo ready to do SCDotW, so you’ll have to make do with this: What pill do all the chaps at the rugby wish they’d popped before they got there today, after two nights on the beers already, some cheap spicy food and unseasonably hot weather?  It’s related to queuing. Answers on a post-card. 

Anyway, enough of all that grottiness. I’ve had a lovely non-sevens weekend. Last night downstairs for dinner at Koh Thai with J&P our neighbours, lots of white wine and an outdoor table – it’s spring! This morning Lawrence and I went to Stanley. Journey was a bit of a nightmare as there are no taxis around, but we saved ourselves HKD100 by going on the bus, and didn’t matter that we were an hour late. In Stanley L got to play with Olive, a very pretty two year old friend, and then we saw the Cookes for a sausage in their pretty garden by the beach. Afterwards, L dug holes in the sand then ran into the sea in his nappy and t-shirt to splash about for a while. 

We dried off, then bought a couple of pairs of shorts for Lawrence in Stanley market (only 39 HKD per pair, cheaper than a pint at the Sevens I am sure). And now safely back home I’m baking cakes for tomorrow’s rugby widows plus kids picnic up at The Peak.



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