Posted by: Sam Olsen | March 26, 2012

Shoes shined, briefcase packed

It’s off to work for Sam! Today, March 27th, an otherwise inauspicious day (save two birthdays Maddy and Romilly – many happy returns!). Who starts a new job on a Tuesday? Sam sensibly arranged to leave a day’s leeway between the end of the rugby and the start of a successful career to shake off any last hangover.  He will be gainfully employed by a large American security company. The office is in Wan Chai (convenient for after-work beers at least).  Dress code for the day? Suit, smart new shirt, handmade, tie in pocket, just in case  – don’t want to look too keen and newby. The alarm sounded at 7am this morning but we’d all been up for quite some time, needless to say the new boy didn’t sleep too well. Exciting!

In other news I had the pleasure of dinner with a very old friend and her other half last night. Camilla Firth flew in for 24 hours only. One of the joys of being engaged to a big hitter in the travel industry, you get to fly to HK for a look around and bite to eat. It was lovely to see them both and hear all the news from home face to face. We went to Tasty Noodle and Congee, which wasn’t actually all that Tasty. They were then rather disappointed by the much-touted ‘symphony of lights’, with Nat asking; where’s the music? And Camilla asking; where are the lights, more importantly? I think it’s best viewed from Kowloon side and so girls I promise we’ll get a better view when you come back next time. 

With that, all that remains to be said is:


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