Posted by: Sam Olsen | March 31, 2012

Strange Chinese Delicacy of the Week 24

For those puzzling about last week’s question on which pills the men wished they had taken, it was immodium. It still remains a mystery why so many blokes decided not to go before the rugby. Extraordinary. And some of them were wearing flip flops.

This week’s delicacy is not too hard to guess, but it just goes to show that nothing on an animal is wasted. This was served at a Chinese banquet we went to the other day, in aid of the Hong Kong ex-Serviceman’s Association. The event was held at Baden Powell house, Hong Kong’s Scout HQ which has managed somehow to turn itself into a hotel and conference centre. Not sure what old BP would have made of this food, but probably something a bit more than dib dib dib.

Answers as normal below.

Minimalist food



  1. Whatever it is, I hope you haven’t booked a table at the same restaurant for when we’re there.

    • Oh yes

  2. The Bird Flu Special,… Chicken Heads?

  3. It’s got to be a chicken/turkey head ……. That is gross !

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