Posted by: Sam Olsen | April 14, 2012

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week 25

The last entry was not hard to guess – a cooked whole chicken head. Tasty. If we had tried it.


This week’s is a twist on something that most people in the West know.

Men generally despise it, and not surprisingly when one realises that part of the word means ‘curdled’ or ‘rotten’.

On the other hand, many a British or American woman likes to guzzle it down – although I’m guessing not this particular variant.

It was given to me in a recent trip to Wuhan, bought at a street stall that felt like something out of Big Trouble in Little China, for those of you that remember that particular Kurt Russell/Kim Cattrall extravaganza. To say it smelt was an understatement. The dish had an aroma that normally accompanies mucking out stables, particularly if the horse had a loose bladder and a bad case of wind. I was pretty glad to finish it unscathed, I can tell you.

So with all these hints, can you guess what it is? Answers below as always






  1. A horses’ chap!

    • Hodgey you are smutty! Of COURSE not. This is not mammal at all… try again?

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