Posted by: Sam Olsen | April 15, 2012

To be a Wife

I am feeling increasingly nervous about my position here in Greater China: As a wife. First we had Chief Executive hopeful Henry Tang telling the world that the illegal construction in his basement was all the fault of his wife and he knew nothing about it.  She blubbed publicly and the media (apparently) sucked it up. Still didn’t win him the votes he needed to get the job.  Now, the wife of the now-disgraced politician Bo Xilai has been blamed for more than just a dodgy basement – she’s been named as going the whole hog and apparently bumped off a Brit!  Lady Macbeth, eat your heart out. Maybe this is what happens when there truly is equality of the sexes (and HK gets pretty close compared to the rest of the world); us girls get blamed for a lot. Delicate flowers incapable of more than choosing nice dresses to compete with Carla Bruni? I think not, on this side of the planet!

Anyway, I am hoping Sam doesn’t a. commit any felonies here and b. blame them on poor old me.

We had a lovely evening yesterday, went to the club to watch the long-standing Taipan’s rugby match. This harks back to the days of the colonies when the Commander in Chief of the British forces used to field a team to play one of the big ‘Taipan’ businesses like Jardine or Swire. Nowadays it’s Blackrock vs. the HK Football Club team. Afterwards we watched Everton vs. Liverpool in the bar, and then headed out to get some food at a very very local restaurant. No English sign, no English menu. However, we were ushered through the dining room downstairs, through the kitchen, up some stairs, through another dining room and finally to a table for two next to a big party of local ladies celebrating a birthday. The place had been recommended by a local friend at work. We asked for the famous Shandong chicken – sold out! (it was 9.30pm). So ate sweet and sour pork which is actually a real Cantonese dish, not just one made by Uncle Ben. And beef in black pepper sauce, with some choi sum. All delicious, all for HKD200 including beer, rice, pudding, and service. That’s about GBP18 to you. The only disappointment is that it was all so good and normal we didn’t manage a pic for next week’s SCDotW!

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