Posted by: Sam Olsen | April 23, 2012

Strange Chinese delicacy of the week 26

No Hodgy, last week’s picture was not a ‘horse’s chap’. It was in fact ‘smelly tofu’ which is one of the rankest things my nose has ever experienced. Luckily enough it didn’t taste so bad. Even more lucky was that I was given it after I had eaten my other lunch courses so didn’t make my host lose too much face by my retching.

Now this week’s picture is taken from a Guangzhou train station book and snack shop, a sort of local equivalent to WH Smith. Except I’m pretty damn sure Mr Smith won’t be stocking these. The thought of the Reading to London commuter chowing down on these is a stretch too far.

They are an appendage of a commonly eaten bird. See if you can guess – answers below as always.



  1. A chicken’s chap?! Or maybe more sensibly a chicken leg?

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