Posted by: Sam Olsen | May 5, 2012

Strange Burmese Delicacy of the week 27

Last week:

Imagine you’re setting off for a long rail journey. With a few minutes until the train leaves, you pop into the councourse shop for a few snacks to keep the hunger wolf from the door for the four hour trip. A bar of chocolate perhaps? Or some crisps? No, none of those are for sale. But what do we have here? Ah yes, some random animal appendages. That’ exactly what I need, some spiced chicken toes. That should make the journey whizz by. Well done Hodgy you guess right again.


We have just returned from a holiday to Burma, so we thought we would add a few local delicacies to the blog pot.


What are these fine fellows? Pretty easy for people out here to guess but they aren’t so common back in the West. Answers below!





  1. Mango

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