Posted by: Sam Olsen | May 10, 2012

Fake Lightning?

We’re all standing at the window (or at least we were a few minutes ago), Lawrence now gone to bed and Tessie’s enjoying half an hour with the ironing board, watching some lightning in the sky outside. But it’s quite unlike any lightning any of us have ever seen. Particularly Lawrence of course. It’s sort of hiding behind some clouds, in the direction of the mainland. At first, Tessie thought it was just the evening lightshow, but that doesn’t start till eight o’clock. There’s no rain or thunder yet. I’m no weather expert but it doesn’t look normal to me. We’re not talking the same league as the famous Winterbourne Green Lights, but I don’t think it’s entirely natural. Reckon perhaps the Chinese are testing out some new warfare tool. Which would explain why Tessie, as a Philippine national, is anxious, seeing as her country is one of the closest to really upsetting the Chinese at the moment!

What else is news? It’s really hotting up now, about 30 degrees or so. Sam is working hard, I am working fairly gently as the dreaded lurgy is back again. Very annoying and now on so many drugs I rattle. Next week I plan to see a Traditional Chinese Doctor, as these steroids and antibiotics can’t be doing me any good and perhaps some herbs might help. I did mention this to my colleague who is of Chinese origin and enquired whether I might be made to eat some animal’s bits. “Not for your kind of problem, darling” she responded! Golly, gents, you know where to come if you need a bit of help in that department. 

We adult Olsens are preparing for attendance at the British Chamber of Commerce Summer Ball, theme: Sir Dance-a-lot. Can’t wait! Sam is going as a knight although I have asked him not to upstage the Chief Risk Officer HK who is wearing genuine chainmail which weights 15kg apparently. I will no doubt sweat through some unlovely nylon affair with a wimple on top. More details and of course photos later! 



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