Posted by: Sam Olsen | May 18, 2012

Strange Burmese Delicacy of the Week 29

Yes indeed, last week’s photo was one of the most divisive fruits in the world. Asians seem to love durian, but everyone else thinks it smells like rotting meat/manure/farts/delete as applicaale. (In fact, when Aggie was in Vietnam a few years ago, she unwittingly bought a durian flavoured ice cream – if you can believe such a thing exists – and took it back to the shop thinking someone in the factory had been having a dirty protest in the mix.) So powerful is the smell that many airlines actually ban people from carrying it.

Vinesy, well done – you’ve won a year’s supply for young Charlie (congratulations to you and Katie by the way – hope you are all very well and Hannah is taking to her younger brother!)

So another Burmese delicacy for you. This was our lunch the other week, and tasty it was too. The yellow bit is obviously beans, but what about the green? The clue is rather simple: you all know it, but normally drink it. And normally with cake, not beans. Can you guess? Answers below!



  1. Hmmmm
    is it stinging nettles? Or just green tea perhaps?

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